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Nikki Guy-Dixon

Educational Consultant, Author, and  Speaker

"I Am The Elect Lady"

How to Embrace God's Design for Your Life

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I Am the Elect Lady

How to Embrace God's Design for Your Life



How do you determine your value? How do you measure success? What are you striving to accomplish in your life’s journey? Do your goals align with God’s design for your life? Is pleasing people, pleasing to God? These are questions that you may want to ask yourself. A real woman is not afraid to look at herself in the mirror, see herself for who she is today, and imagine where she wants to be tomorrow.


Women were design by God with delicate attention to detail, passion for beauty and precision. These pages will generate discussion and thought about that specific design. This book is a detailed study of a very real woman in the Bible, and although she is rarely discussed or taught about, she is a role model for any woman who’s ever wondered about her own value or purpose in life.


Her name is not mentioned, but she is a leader. Nameless characters in the Bible are significant, because they are relatable and you can see yourself standing in their shoes. Imagine the strength that it took to be a strong woman during Biblical times.


This woman is special; she is valued for her purpose, character, and unique abilities. Once our eyes are opened, we will see that her greatest accomplishments are achievable for you and me in our everyday lives. We will examine her role in the church, her character, and rare qualities. If you are a woman seeking to define your own role in the world created by God, then this book is for you.


Our time studying this woman will give us an opportunity to pray and study God’s word. Together we will seek God in answering many questions. You are not on this journey alone, and you will not be the same once you complete this book. I am here praying, studying the word of God, and learning about this special woman with you.


I discovered this woman at a time in my life when I was searching for my purpose. Daily I asked God to keep me from losing my mind. I needed to know that someone understood that I was lost on this journey of trying to find my way of being a real woman. The kind of woman that would make a powerful impact in her family and community; at work and church; and all over the world. I desired to be that kind of woman, but I was not living a life like that woman. God never said that it would be easy, but when I realized that I was already chosen and favored by God, I was determined to take that journey.


So I moved out of the driver’s seat and gave up the wheel to the Lord. My cell phone was prayer and my GPS was the Bible. God already knew that I was created to travel this road, and only He could get me safely to my destination. My journey is long and I have not arrived yet, but the ride is so much smoother. I am excited about all the placed that we will go.


My sister you too are indeed chosen and destined to go places with God. He has a unique purpose that only you can journey into. It does not matter where you are in life at this very moment or what’s in your past. You are incredibly valuable and God set the cost so high, that no one else but He, can pay the price for your life. I hope and pray that this message reaches many, but if it just reaches one woman, one mother, or one young lady, it was worth me being transparent.


I invite you to take the journey with me.  In my book “I Am the Elect Lady”, I will share my testimony with you (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Together we will learn the true art form of being God’s Special Lady.