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Nikki Guy-Dixon

Educational Consultant, Author, and  Speaker

Meet Nikki

The Educator

Once considered an At-Risk Youth, Nikki used education to change the outcome of her destiny. Today, she gives that same opportunity to others by sharing her story and encouraging them to share their gifts and talents with the next generation.


Nikki is armed with over 10 years of experience in education, volunteering, and helping families to accomplish their academic goals and fulfilling their dreams.


Her personal mission is to inspire others to reach their maximum potential by obtaining wisdom, spreading knowledge and community outreach.

The Author

"I Am The Elect Lady" is the first book written by Nikki. It took her five years to birth this project. She hopes that this book generate discussions among women seeking to live a purposeful life.


Her deepest desire is that women of all ages will grow from reading this book and want to hit the restart button of negative mindsets..


The Blogger

"Saved Sistas the Blog" was birthed in 2009. The purpose of the blog was to create an atmosphere for women to discuss the ups and downs of being a real woman facing real life.
Nikki has shared many of her own personal stories relating to motherhood, home schooling, weight loss, and entrepreneurship all while being a Christian.
The blog is always evolving, because Nikki is always evolving. Ultimately, Nikki faithfully believes that this blog will be a blessing to many women that want a place to take off the mask and be real.